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Get equipped to make disciples who make disciples

About LiNC Omaha and the Disciple-Making Intensive (DMI)

LiNC Omaha is our 4-week program which includes DMI. DMI is our two-day training, Friday night and Saturday only. DMI will help you learn a series of simple, effective and biblical tools for developing a Christ-centered vision, sharing your faith and equipping new disciples. We use these tools throughout the LiNC Omaha program to help give you practical experience with them. But the principles and practices you'll learn during the Disciple-Making Intensive are just as helpful for you if you come only for the training. Either way, you will leave with a clear vision and plan for reaching your area.

2024 Dates

LiNC Omaha May 24 - June 22
DMI May 24 - May 25

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** If you are attending LiNC Omaha, you do not need to complete a separate registration for the Disciple-Making Intensive.

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